From the kitchen to cyberspace

Instagram food accounts satiate the appetites of epicureans everywhere, virtually capturing the crunch of a cronut, the bite of a burger and the taste of a tollhouse cookie. Convent of the Sacred Heart gourmets feast their eyes on senior Gissele Alzate’s popular food account, Feedyoursoull.

Gissele, along with two of her friends, started their Instagram account two years ago. With over 9,000 followers, it has become a sensation for food connoisseurs. 

Instagrammer and senior Gissele Alzate knows the importance of a good angle for a quality picture. Courtesy of Jessica Johnson '15

Instagrammer and senior Gissele Alzate knows the importance of a good angle for a quality picture.
Courtesy of Jessica Johnson ’15

“We started Feedyoursoull after constantly talking about food at work, and obsessing over cookies or ice cream we had eaten the day before,” Gissele said. “At first, we took it as a joke, but then we started getting really into it.”

While some food Instagrams are targeted towards a specific location, such as EatingNYC, Gissele’s account does not specify what types of treats it features. 

“I love the fact that Feedyoursoull posts all different kinds of food pictures, and they are all really good quality,” junior Lilly Morriss said.

With the blog’s large and growing fan base, the three creators of Feedyoursoull have received invitations to multiple food conferences. Gissele recently attended Brainfood Conference held by Spoon University in New York City where she learned how to photograph food at different angles and how to manage a restaurant.

“At the conference, I learned a lot of things, but especially new restaurants all over New York which I am really excited to try,” Gissele said. “I also met a lot of other bloggers who gave me a lot of really helpful tips.” 

Feedyoursoull also has themed days, including Waffle Wednesday, Sundae Saturday, and Taco Tuesday. Fans of the blog direct message, hashtag or tag Feedyoursoull in photos of their meals depending on theme. The submissions include where the meal is from and of what it consists.

“I love how Feedyoursoull includes where all of the pictures are from so I know where to find all the delicious treats they post,” senior Molly Carroll said.

Whether it is an over-stuffed sandwich or a decadent chocolate cake, Feedyoursoull offers something to satisfy any appetite. 

 “I am so thankful for everyone who has supported Feedyoursoull, and love the submissions we get on a day-to-day basis from the girls in school because we could not of kept this blog running without them,” Gissele said.

Gissele plans to keep posting a variety of food pictures daily and providing recipes for many of them. The blog also has a surprise in store that she plans to announce next summer.

“We hope to expand more to businesses and help promote them as well as review their foods,” Gissele said.

-Julia Perry, Photo Editor 

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