Fans of the Fall Festival

The Tiger Times sent out three reporters to check out everyone’s favorite haunts!

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 2.52.41 PM (1)On Saturday, September 24th, Sacred Heart held the annual Fall Festival. This year’s event was very exciting with music, games, food trucks and the traditional haunted house. One truck served Mexican food, another sold pizza and one called Chicken Joe’s served delicious chicken.  There were several games to play and booths to visit.  Children could get glitter tattoos, paint a pumpkin, guess how many candies were in a jar, make candy necklaces, play a spelling game or take IMG_1882 - editedpart in a pig race! One visitor said, ‘“The games were so much fun, I could not stop playing!” A  favorite part of the day was the music played by the DJ, Mr. Ramseur-Moore, father of fifth grader, Nova.

While the music, games and food were enjoyable, the haunted house was full of surprises. It was constructed by the eighth graders in the theater. The place had spooky candles and cobwebs everywhere. It was a chilling event for everyone! The eighth graders were  monsters. They dressed up in masks and covered their faces with make-up. ‘Monsters’ were waiting to grab an ankle or yell, “Boo,” while visitors walked through the house. There was also a giant spider and scary music. One of the eighth graders remarked, “It was a lot of fun for me. I think all eighth graders should participate in this great tradition.” Overall, this year’s Fall Festival was a hit for the big and small in the Sacred Heart community. Caroline Hartch (Grade 5)
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The Fall Festival was a lot of fun this year. It was held on the front lawn of the school, in view of the beautiful mansion building, which gave easy access to the many different activities. The bake sale had yummy desserts, like cookies, brownies and Rice Krispies treats, for under three dollars and cakes and pies for a few dollars more. The haunted house was super fun, thanks to the eighth graders and the parents who helped put it together. Since it was set up in the theatre it had the feeling of an actual haunted mansion.  There was a lot of space for everyone to participate.  Besides all the exciting games for boys and girls in our community, there was ‘Soccer with Aldwin’ and a bouncy house.  The food trucks, like the Boxcar Cantina, served tasty dishes. Other trucks sold pizza and grilled items. The Fall Festival was a big success this year. Thank you to all who volunteered. Can’t wait until next year! Lindsay Benza (Grade 6)


I had a fun filled day at the Fall Festival, meeIMG_1749 - editedting the nicest people, playing exciting games and eating the most delicious food.  For part of the day I was a volunteer at the Dreamcatcher stand.  I loved my job there because the people who came by were eager to make crafts and had smiles on their faces and creativity in their hearts. All the activities at the festival were spectacular and thrilling.  There was a DJ playing great music, a booth to tie-dye shirts and a field to play soccer. My favorite game was the mechanical pig race.
It was nerve-racking watching my pig go to the finish line, hoping it would be first!  The food was another great feature of this festival.  Kind workers served mouth watering dishes. I had a delicious salad and a lemonade that I’ll never forget. Overall the Fall Festival was  an event to remember. I can’t wait for next year’s! 
Claudia El-Masry (Grade 6)






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