A Day in the Life of … a Fifth Grader

“There is more freedom in Middle School,” says Julia Pujadas. “It’s better than Lower School! It’s the BEST!” says Emma Marvin. In fifth grade at Sacred Heart we always start the day with a prayer and announcements.   Some of these announcements tell us things like whether or not we need our computers in math or… Read More

Open Art during Lunch + Recess!

Open Art is a time during lunch and recess when you can catch up on your art or you can start to make a new masterpiece. One student who goes to Open Art regularly is fifth grader Nova Ramseur-Moore. Of all the girls in all my years of being here at Sacred Heart she is… Read More

Fall Sports Finale

The 2016 Sacred Heart Greenwich fall sports season was an amazing experience. “I really enjoyed the coaches,” said Kate Nemec. “I loved meeting people from different grades and bonding with them,” said Saylor Murray. Throughout the fall season tennis, soccer, field hockey, volleyball and cross country were a blast. At every game you could feel… Read More

Coming together for Uganda

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, there was a chapel celebrating a Sacred Heart School in Uganda called Kyamusansala (KAY-AM-MOOSE-SAN-SA-LA). This school, our sister school, is for children in Uganda who had no chance for an education before Kyamusansala was started. Several years ago, The Religious of the Sacred Heart, (RSCJ’s) saw how few girls received… Read More


Exciting news! The fifth grade hosted visitors from the Waterside School last week.  Over the last few weeks, we have been working with the fifth grade class at the Waterside School, reading books about social justice topics and discussing these issues with them over Skype. One topic we have learned about is access to clean… Read More

Exciting Graphic Novels!

I have read several graphic novels including Ghost, Drama, Roller Girl and El Deafo. If you are interested in art or enjoy looking at artwork then this genre would be great for you. There are several of these novels in the library.  Writers of graphic novels are artists and cartoonists.  Raina Telgemeier, who wrote Sisters,… Read More

Celebrating Mothers and Daughters

The Mother-Daughter Liturgy was an amazing night! It was the first time the fifth graders attended this special Mass.      One of the most enjoyable parts of the Mass was the heart-warming speeches. There was one speech from a mother and one from a daughter. They were both fabulous. When Alana Frederick’s mother spoke,… Read More

Sixth grade Tiger Times reporter, Claudia el-Masry recently interviewed, Ms. Victoria Raia, the new Director of Dining Services at Sacred Heart. Here’s what they talked about: CE: How do you like being here at Sacred Heart Greenwich? Victoria Raia: I love it here at Sacred Heart. I was looking for a good place to call… Read More