Sixth grade Tiger Times reporter, Claudia el-Masry recently interviewed, Ms. Victoria Raia, the new Director of Dining Services at Sacred Heart. Here’s what they talked about:

CE: How do you like being here at Sacred Heart Greenwich?

Victoria Raia: I love it here at Sacred Heart. I was looking for a good place to call home and I think I found it.

CE: Have you changed anything in the kitchen or the ways you prepare food since coming here?

Victoria Raia: I have tried to incorporate different cuts of meat and different ways of preparing them. I have also tried to think of foods that I liked when I was in school and how I can showcase them while staying nutritionally balanced.

CE: Has working at Sacred Heart changed you, and if so, how?


Victoria Raia:  Before working here my work goal was always to entertain people. Since coming here I have taken pride in being responsible for serving nutritionally balanced meals to all.  It gives me a greater sense of purpose.

CE: How do you like the kitchen staff?

Victoria Raia: The kitchen staff is fantastic.  There is a lot of heart in the kitchen and every staff member puts his or her soul into producing the tastiest foods.

CE: How do you like the Sacred Heart community?

Victoria Raia: The Sacred Heart community has been so welcoming. I have been blown away by how warm the faculty and staff are and how polite and appreciative the students are.

CE: Where did you work before you came here?

Victoria Raia: I worked in the Prudential Center in New Jersey, the home of the New Jersey Devils, as Director of Food and Beverage.

CE: When did you start cooking?

Victoria Raia: I have been around chefs my entire life and I think I have the culinary mentality of a chef, however, I am not actually a chef.

CE: What was your inspiration to start cooking?

Victoria Raia: Because I have been around chefs my entire life, I always found joy in making people happy through food. I chose to take the management route, as I wanted to make the best possible life for myself.

CE: What is your favorite food to prepare?

Victoria Raia: My favorite food to prepare is my great grandma’s recipe, Sunday sauce with meatballs.

CE: Are you happy with your decision to come to Sacred Heart?

Victoria Raia: The decision to come to Sacred Heart has been the best one I have ever made for myself!

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  1. olsond says:

    Welcome to Sacred Heart Ms. Raia!

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