Celebrating Mothers and Daughters

The Mother-Daughter Liturgy was an amazing night! It was the first time the fifth graders attended this special Mass.  

Isabelee Pipher

   One of the most enjoyable parts of the Mass was the heart-warming speeches. There was one speech from a mother and one from a daughter. They were both fabulous. When Alana Frederick’s mother spoke, we could not focus on anything else. The whole world seemed to freeze. That has never really happened to fifth graders before. Mrs. Frederick talked about the love and support she and Alana feel as members of the Sacred Heart community.  Eighth grader Isabella Pipher spoke beautifully about the great love and respect she has for her mother.  

   Another favorite part of the Mass was the emoji faces. That was an awesome way to listen to the priest’s homily. It was very funny!

   Being at this mass was an exceptional experience. We want to say, ‘thank you,’ to all of our mothers!  The fifth graders have three more Middle School Mother-Daughter liturgies to attend.                                                                   

We are looking forward to going again!


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  1. David Olson says:

    Ashley and Isabella,

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first Mother Daughter Liturgy!

    Mr. Olson

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