Exciting Graphic Novels!

I have read several graphic novels including
Ghost, Drama, Roller Girl and El Deafo. If you are interested in art or enjoy looking at artwork then this genre would be great for you. There are several of these novels in the library.  Writers of graphic novels are artists and cartoonists.  Raina Telgemeier, who wrote Sisters, Smile, Babysitters Club and Drama is a good example of this type of author. Ever since Raina was little she has loved to draw. I think graphic novels are exciting, action packed stories that are easy to read. My favorite is El Deafo. I enjoyed reading this book because it was meaningful. The main character, Cece, is a child who is partly deaf. She struggles with this while trying to live a normal childhood. I loved how she never complained about being deaf. Even if you like other genres I recommend you try reading graphic novels.

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