Coming together for Uganda

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, there was a chapel celebrating a Sacred Heart School in Uganda called Kyamusansala (KAY-AM-MOOSE-SAN-SA-LA). This school, our sister school, is for children in Uganda who had no chance for an education before Kyamusansala was started.

Several years ago, The Religious of the Sacred Heart, (RSCJ’s) saw how few girls received an education in Uganda.  They knew instantly that that had to change.  They started a school in Uganda called Kayamusansala.  There girls receive an education and a home.  They get a home because most of the girls are orphans.  If they do have parents, they live about 20 minutes away.Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 2.23.42 PM

One day in Theology, we watched a video about Kyamusansala.  When we saw how different their school was compared to ours, it truly caught our attention.  We also realized that we had a lot in common.  We think that our sister school is like ours in many ways.  For one, we both wear uniforms and sing the same songs.  In the video we watched, we heard the students sing Couer de Jesus.  Another example of how we are alike, is when they asked a student what her favorite thing about school was, she said that they love their teachers and their teachers love them.  At our school, we would say the same exact thing.

These girls are so happy to go to school.  We need to be aware that not everyone has the privilege for an education.  It is important to understand how people live in other parts of the world.  We can help them by donating supplies and money.  We can spread the word about how important education is for all children.

Donations from Sacred Heart middle school students this year will help sponsor two fifth graders: and Kizito Maria (left) and Mafula Shela (right).

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 1.40.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 1.40.39 PM









The first event to benefit our sisters in Uganda was an ice-cream social which was organized by the student council to celebrate the end of the first trimester. Yummy!









Photos: Catie Ruf (ice-cream social)

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  1. David Olson says:

    Sophie and Samantha,

    Thanks for highlighting our connection to our sisters in Uganda and our devotion to girls education around the world.

    Mr. Olson

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