A Day in the Life of … a Fifth Grader

IMG_2033“There is more freedom in Middle School,” says Julia Pujadas. “It’s better than Lower School! It’s the BEST!” says Emma Marvin. In fifth grade at Sacred Heart we always start the day with a prayer and announcements.   Some of these announcements tell us things like whether or not we need our computers in math or if there is open art. Then we go to our first and second period classes.  After that we have break which can be advisory, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read,) homeroom, chapel or gathering. My favorite break activity is DEAR because we get to read and I always need to finish my book!fifthgrader (1)Everyone knows that Mr. Olson is nice and crazy! (Am I right?)  He calls you by your name and gives you a high five even if you are having a bad day. Maybe on the first day of school you were scared that you might get into trouble, but Mr. Olson is always there to cheer you up, not  bring you down. Then we have third period. Ahhhhh, the period before lunch and recess! You can’t stop thinking about it!

Fifth grade playgroundFifth Grade playground (1)    IMG_2021 (1)

The next thing you know, class is over and you rush to your locker and try to be the first one in line for LUNCH AND RECESS!!!!  This is the time when students are out of class and can smell their freedom. We get to run wild and try not to get hurt. On A, B, and C days we have recess first. The other days we have lunch first.  Myra Sheikh, Bianca Shively, Caroline Fouts, Nova Ramseur-Moore and Charlotte Flanagan all like having recess first. Sophia Sigro, Claire Maher and Phoebe Zecca prefer to have lunch first and then recess. After that we have fifth, sixth and seventh period classes.  Then there is STUDY HALL! fifthgrader

I love study hall because we didn’t have that in Lower School. Our Lower School teachers told us not to do our homework in school because they wanted us to do it at home. Back to the subject of ‘A day in the life of a Sacred Heart fifth grader’…wait a minute, never mind, go live your life!


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  1. Mrs. Monaghan says:

    Fifth grade is the best! Nice reporting, Jaimie! 🙂 Ms. Monaghan

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