Open Art during Lunch + Recess!

IMG_4669Open Art is a time during lunch and recess when you can catch up on your art or you can start to make a new masterpiece. One student who goes to Open Art regularly is fifth grader Nova Ramseur-Moore. Of all the girls in all my years of being here at Sacred Heart she is one of the most enthusiastic girls about art. Nova remarked, “Open Art is a time for me to put my feelings onto a piece of paper and to make a masterpiece. I love how when if I look to my right I can see an amazing drawing, but when I look to my left there’sIMG_4671 this whole new world of designs.” Many people enjoy spending their time at Open Art. Another girl who is passionate about Open Art is Isabella Nardis. She was so excited when Mrs. Grueterich, our art teacher, announced Open Art would begin. When I asked her what she thought about it she said,“Open Art is a time where I can meet new girls and make new friends. I will always have the memory of going there for the first time.” Overall, Open Art is for anyone. Not only does it let you express your feelings, but it let’s you meet all kinds of people.



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