Interview with Sr. Ferraro!

Señor Ferraro has been teaching Spanish and coaching soccer at Sacred Heart for ten years.  He has actually been a soccer coach since 1974, which is 43 years of soccer! Did you know that he can speak lots of languages?  While he was growing up everyone In his home spoke an Italian dialect called, Neapolitan. He obviously knows Spanish and English too. A friend of his suggested that he learn French. He took his friend’s advice and now Señor is learning French too! We asked him how the soccer team’s season was and he said, “Good. It’s been a year to build on for next season.” Everyone who has had Señor Ferraro as a teacher knows he LOVES soccer a lot!

Maybe you didn’t know these following things, though. His favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi who plays for Barcelona, Spain. “It’s really between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo these days. They’re both great.” Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid. We asked him who his favorite female soccer player is and he replied, “Michelle Akers.” He also likes Tobin Heath. “I like Tobin Heath because she’s kind of like Messi,” he said, “very quick and has good moves.” This next question had an amazing answer, especially if you love soccer. We asked him if he had met anyone famous. He said that he met the coaches of both the women’s and the men’s national teams, (though not the current coach for the women). He has also met the Italian national team’s coach and, amazingly, he’s met Pele!!! Pele is just about the most amazing soccer player in the world!

Señor Ferraro also met other interesting people. We asked him who his favorite singer is and he said it was an opera singer named Placido Domingo. We were interested to know if he had a least favorite sport. “No, I’m a lover of all sports!” He does  have a second favorite sport, though, ice hockey. Señor Ferraro grew up being a New York Rangers fan but he is now a New Jersey Devils fan. Finding out about Señor Ferraro’s life was fun. He is a very nice teacher.

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