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When you reach the seventh grade at Sacred Heart, you will join a recycling team. You will choose four days of the school year where you will help the earth by emptying the recycling bins. The seventh graders run the recycling program. Our school is not one hundred percent ‘spot on’ with complying with recycling rules.

Everyone in the school has to do their part to make our recycling program work well. If you go into Mrs. Crowley’s room you will see what can and cannot be recycled. Just above the bins in her room are two signs indicating what goes into each bin. By knowing the recycling rules you are helping the seventh graders. They have to go through the recycling bins and pull out any trash that is in them. There is an ongoing contest between the fifth/sixth grade floor and the seventh/eighth grade floor to see which floor will have the least amount of trash pulled out of their recycling bins each week. By putting your trash into the garbage bin and not into the recycling bin you are helping your floor achieve the goal of NO TRASH!  

According to the data found on the graphs on Ms. Palladino’s and Mr. Petersen’s classroom windows, only the seventh and eighth graders have been able to meet the goal of zero pieces of trash!  Mr. Petersen’s graph shows that the seventh and eighth graders have put nineteen pieces of trash into the recycling bins during the month of January while Ms. Palladino’s graph shows that the fifth and sixth graders’ recycling bin has had eighty-five pieces of trash this month! This is upsetting.

How can students help? Think about where you are throwing your trash. Whenever you are too lazy to walk over to the bins and you throw your wrapper, hoping it makes it into the garbage bin, it may end up in the recycling bin by mistake. Even if you’re not a seventh grader be mindful of what you put into the recycling bins.

How can teachers help? Follow Mrs. Crowley’s example. Put some signs above the waste bins to help everyone remember what goes into each bin. We, as a school can improve our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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  1. olsond says:

    Thanks to our 7th graders and Ms. Donahue for leading our sustainability efforts!

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