The Secret Life of Pets

In the movie ‘The Secret Life of Pets,’ Max is a spoiled dog who loves life in a nice New York building. One day his owner comes home with an extra being, named Duke! It is hatred between Max and Duke right away, which only grew larger every day. When the dogs  arrive at the park, Duke attempts to get rid of Max. This leads to a mishap with a group of alley cats.  Fortunately, a fearless bunny, Snowball, swoops in and saves the two of them from more trouble. They join the bunny and his friends on a journey to get back at the humans who abandoned them.

The Secret Life of Pets is definitely a movie to see. It has action, adventure and comedy! This movie portrays a big life lesson, how to get along with siblings. Brothers and sisters often fight at home.  Seeing how Duke and Max finally get along shows kids how to deal with arguments.  In the end Max decides to forgive and forget. He also helps Duke on his journey to find his former owner and is a support for Duke as he goes through some tough times.

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  1. olsond says:

    My son loved “The Secret Life of Pets!”

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