Tiger Tipster weighs in on Four Square!

Dear Tiger Tipster!

I am noticing that classmates of mine are getting their feelings hurt by the way some students play the recess game, four square. There are students who play too roughly, unfairly and show favoritism. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to make four square fun and enjoyable, like the game is supposed to be? Submitted by Four square fan

Dear Four square fan!

The sixth grade student council has been working on this issue. They have come up with a list of rules for playing this game. If players follow these rules all the time it will end a lot of the problems that arise and everyone will have fun playing foursquare!

5th/6th Grade Four Square Rules

Game Rules

  • Foursquare players line up behind the lamp post and the basketball hoop. The first four people stand in the squares. The next three people stand in line next to the foursquare court.
  • Ace is decided by whomever gets a good ball, is in the correct box and on the court first.
  • Two second holds.
  • No second chances.
  • All rolls are considered out.
  • Redo is allowed if the ball hits below the knee without a bounce. This is called chicken feet.
  • Ace is in charge. When there is a disagreement, the line votes on it
  • If the majority votes you out, move out so that others can play the game.
  • Anyone who disrupts the game goes to the end of the line.
  • If there is an argument that can’t be resolved, get a teacher.
  • If you insult someone or make them feel bad, you will be asked to leave the foursquare court for the rest of recess.

Sportsmanship Rules

  • No favoritism
  • Rules apply to all, even the Ace’s friends
  • Don’t yell at others even if you are angry at them for getting you out

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  1. olsond says:

    Thanks for the four-square guidance, Tiger Tipster!

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