Save the Rainforests!

  I love rainforests and all the things that live there. There are many different plants, animals and rare and endangered creatures living in rainforests. Sadly, the rainforests are disappearing quickly. Did you know that a space of rainforest the size of a football field is cleared every second? It is true! Rainforests are home to around half of the world’s plant and animal life. That is a lot! Some cool animals that live there are toucans, macaws, sloths, monkeys, snakes, leopards and many different insects and spiders. If we keep cutting down trees, all of these animals will be homeless and extinct. Exotic plants like orchids also grow in the rainforests. All of this beautiful wildlife is disappearing because of us. We are cutting down trees for wood, rubber, coffee, charcoal, buildings, paper and spices. Imagine all of the animals that are suddenly finding themselves without a home when the trees are cut down at a rate of a football field a second!

Not only are rainforests needed because they are home to so many animals, but they also capture carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the things that contributes to global warming. When trees are killed, the carbon dioxide that they captured is released again. The more trees that are killed, the more carbon dioxide that is put into the air, and the more carbon dioxide put into the air, the more the earth warms up.

Another thing that rainforests do for us is give us plants that are used in medicines. There are probably even more plants there that we could use for medicine that we have not discovered yet. At the rate we are killing forests, all of the world’s tropical forests will be gone by the next century, so we may not get the time to find these plants.

We need to stop this! How can we do it? We can help in little ways by only using what we need, recycling and reusing things. Reuse paper by writing on the whole page, not just in the center, and print on both sides. Recycle by putting paper, clean and empty plastics and glass into the recycling bin. Do not put anything dirty or non-recyclables (water bottles with water in them, lunch containers, plastic wrap) into the recycling bin.  We can also raise awareness by telling people about rainforests and all the animals and plants that live there. Remember this: about half of the world’s plant and animal life live in the rainforests, some of them endangered, and every second, we clear an area of rainforest the size of a football field. We need to stop it, so help us by recycling, reusing, and raising awareness. Save the rainforests and all of the plants and animals that live in them!


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    Thanks for your informative article, and for the information regarding what we can do to help.

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