23 Questions with Ms. Haas

Ms. Haas is playful, perky, fun, nice, smart, silly, and a phenomenal teacher! She’s kind, caring and has a passion for history. She teaches the 6th grade in an amazing way, and though it’s not far into the year, I’ve been on the edge of my seat every time she speaks. Isabella Nardis decided to… Read More

Percy Jackson – A Series for Heroes!

PERCY JACKSON AND THE GREEK GODS We recently finished the book series Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods. Our friend recommended this book series to us, and we loved it. The whole series is based on the Greek Gods. The main character is Percy Jackson, a “demigod” or “half-blood.” This means that one of his… Read More

Meet Mrs. Fuller – our new Drama Teacher

Mrs. Fuller recently moved to Greenwich from Manhattan with her husband and two kids, Fuller, age 3, and Campbell, age 1,  while looking for a job. She got a call from a recruiter –  someone who helps people find jobs. The recruiter said there was a part-time job at Sacred Heart. Mrs. Fuller has two… Read More

New Editors for the Tiger Times

New school year – new editors! Three competent and enthusiastic editors will share the job this year and hope to make our middle school news blog the best ever. Jessica Thompson (8th grade) will be Content Editor and responsible for editing articles and creating headlines and plan new stories with writers. Claudia El-Masry (7th grade)… Read More