23 Questions with Ms. Haas

Ms. Haas is playful, perky, fun, nice, smart, silly, and a phenomenal teacher! She’s kind, caring and has a passion for history. She teaches the 6th grade in an amazing way, and though it’s not far into the year, I’ve been on the edge of my seat every time she speaks. Isabella Nardis decided to interview her, and it went great! Let’s begin!

Interviewer:  What made you choose CSH?

Ms. Hass: “I chose CSH because I was so impressed by the environment, the way that everybody from the teachers to the students really cares about each other and supports each other. I think that’s a really beautiful thing.”

IN: Have you taught at other schools?

Ms. Haas: I have taught at Reading Intermediate High School and Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls.

IN: Now for some random questions. What’s your favorite color?

Ms. Haas: “My favorite color…traditionally it’s purple, but lately it’s been green.”

IN: What’s your favorite era in history?

Ms. Haas: “I love early modern Europe.” She especially loves England.

IN: Who’s your favorite singer or band?

Ms. Haas: “I don’t really have a favorite singer, but my favorite band is Bastille.”

IN: What’s your favorite song?

Ms. Haas: “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel.”

IN: Who’s your favorite actor?

Ms. Haas: “Tom Hanks.”

IN: What’s your favorite sport?

Ms. Haas: “Baseball.”

IN: What’s your favorite food?

Ms. Haas: “My mom’s spaghetti sauce.”

IN: What are some of your hobbies?

Ms. Haas: “Piano. I also love to cook [and] bake.”

IN: When’s your birthday?

Ms. Haas: “August 10th.”

IN: What’s book are you currently reading?

Ms. Haas:The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.”

IN: What’s your favorite fruit?

Ms. Haas: “Mango.”

IN: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ms. Haas: “Ben & Jerry’s Candy Bar Pie.”

IN: Can you speak any other languages?

Ms. Haas: “I can speak a little French, but not very well.”

IN: What your favorite baseball team?

Ms. Haas: “Cleveland Indians.”

IN: What’s your favorite T.V. show?

Ms. Haas: “Lost.”

IN: What’s your favorite movie?

Ms. Haas: “Lord of the Rings.”

IN: What’s your favorite season?

Ms. Haas: “Fall.”

IN: What’s the furthest place you’ve ever traveled to?

Ms. Haas: “South Korea.”

IN: Where are you from?

Ms. Haas: “Well, I’m an Army kid so I moved a lot…I was born in Kentucky, but I don’t remember it!”

IN: Finally, what’s one aspect, quality, etc. that makes you, you?

Ms. Haas: “My family, especially my brothers because they were there with me even when I moved around the country.”

Overall, Ms. Haas is an amazing teacher! She’s truly a shining star in the night sky! I know every sixth grader would agree with what I’m saying, even fifth, seventh, and eighth graders think so too! After all, the green ribbon that she received was given to her by a student who isn’t in her grade! We are so fortunate to have her at our school this year. Ms. Haas, if you’re reading this, I hope you understand how much you mean to us, you’re indescribable!

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  1. olsond says:

    Welcome to Sacred Heart, Ms. Haas!

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