New Editors for the Tiger Times

New school year – new editors! Three competent and enthusiastic editors will share the job this year and hope to make our middle school news blog the best ever.

Jessica Thompson (8th grade) will be Content Editor and responsible for editing articles and creating headlines and plan new stories with writers.

Claudia El-Masry (7th grade) is the new Commissioning Editor. She is responsible for helping writers brainstorm new ideas, assigning writers to stories, and managing deadlines. She’ll be scouting the middle school for talented writers and story ideas.

Maddie Guerin (7th grade) is our new Visuals Editor. She will make sure we have captivating photography, video content and graphic design.

We look forward to an exciting year at the Tiger Times! Come join us any time: Tuesdays during study hall in the Makerspace!


2 Responses to New Editors for the Tiger Times

  1. olsond says:

    Jessica, Claudia and Maddie,

    Thanks for leading the Tiger Times this year!

    Mr. Olson

  2. Brideen Finegan says:

    Congratulations to all! It looks like a great team!

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