Brown Bear, Brown Bear… did you know this?

The Brown Bear is brown, it’s about 3.5 feet tall when it’s is  on all fours. When it is on it’s hind legs it can reach an height of about 6-7 feet tall, the brown bear has a  similar size to a 6 foot man. It is shaped like a rectangle when its on all four legs.

The brown bear’s habitat is in many different places, such as the forest, alpine meadows, and the arctic tundra. Brown Bears can live in British Columbia and Alaska; they can also live on islands like Kodiak. The biggest population is in Eurasia. There are about 100,000 brown bears living there.

The brown bears’ diet is Apex Predator and Omnivore. It eats a lot of insects “sometimes tearing rotten logs apart and turning over heavy stones in search of the insects.” The brown bear also eats elk, moose, and smaller mammals.In addition the brown bear  feeds off of fish such as salmon.

Brown Bears hibernate in the winter when it’s cold. By doing this it  helps them survive when it’s hard to find food.

Brown Bears have strong arms with claws at the end. This helps them to dig and find food.

The Brown Bears have sharp claws that have a curve, which  makes it easier to catch fish in the water.

Brown Bears have an excellent sense of smell that helps them locate food on land.

Brown Bears have a heavy coat and a layer of fat, that helps them stay warm in the winter.

Brown Bears have a mutual relationship with plants. When the brown bears go to eat the plants, berries, etc. the seeds drop and that lets more plants grow.

Some of the threats to the Brown Bears survival are….

  • Brown Bears were hunted for their fur and some of their animal parts because some people thought the animal parts were good for medicine
  • Brown Bears have been pushed out of their natural habitats by the expansion of humans
  • Business development, like mining and logging, have caused destruction to the Brown Bear habitats

  • Some Brown Bears finger nails are the length of a human finger
  • There are about  200,000 Brown Bears left in the world
  • Brown Bears can run up to 35 miles an hour
  • Brown Bears have good senses of smell and hearing but have poor eyesight
  • Polar Bears have been thought to have come from Brown Bears about 150,000 years ago

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