Stand up and win!

El Deafo is a graphic novel by Cece Bell – reviewed by fifth graders Moira, Meg and Colette.

The author wrote about her own experience but made her characters rabbits! El Deafo is a story about a girl who was nearly deaf and later also needs to get glasses. She first does not like her hearing aid but likes it when she realize how powerful it is. She suffers through friendship issues and being bullied.  One reason this book is so funny is that it is a graphic novel. The book has parts where she is imagining herself as a superhero. It has more detail and inside thoughts than you would expect from a graphic novel, and even though it is a graphic novel it is beautifully written. This book is really about how one girl makes her way through some unfortunate events while still being a superhero.    

Our favorite part of the book was when she stood up to another girl after being bossed around a lot by her. Another great part of the book is when she helps her classmates out even though she could get in trouble. At the end of the book she finally gets to show people who she really is.  El Deafo is an inspiring story that shows us that we can find ways to live with certain things that are harder for us than others. It also shows that you should never give up. Cece never gave up when she lost her friend. Her friend thought she hurt Cece, even though it wasn’t her fault, and they almost weren’t friends because of it. Because Cece never gave up, she got her friend back and that is a great message. If you read El Deafo, you will learn all of these things. They will inspire you to stand up to people that are bullying you and to give people second chances. This why you should read El Deafo!

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