Are you looking for an easy DIY? Well, try my melted crayon canvas!


Hot Glue Gun

Clean canvas

64 crayons


Blow dryer



First, take the newspaper and tape it to the surface you will be blow drying on. Next, get a cup of water and put a few crayons in (this helps take off the wrapping paper off quickly). Repeat this step until all of your crayons don’t have wrapping paper. This next step MUST be done slowly. Glue your crayons to the canvas in any shape you please. Leave the glue to dry for about ten minutes afterwards. Put your canvas on the newspaper that you previously taped down. You will be blow-drying there. Plug in your blow dryer and start on high heat. Blow the very top of the crayons until they start to drip. Once it starts to drip, move the dryer back and forth until the crayons are melted to the desired amount. Let dry, then blow the other side. Leave it out overnight to dry. You’re all done!

Feel free to watch the other DIYS or skip to 5:00


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