Halloween Throughout the Years

It’s Halloween! I bet everyone’s really excited, but have you ever wondered how Halloween started? Most people believe that it began at the festival called Samhain which means “summers end”. Another thought was that in the eighth century the Christian origin began it because it falls the day before the feast of All Hallows Eve.

Ever wonder why we go trick-or-treating at night? Well, it all started in the middle ages, when poor adults (but mostly children) would be the ones doing this. They went house to house in costume and then when they got there they would ask for food or money. Then they would sing or pray to the person they received from.

Why do we carve and put out pumpkins? Well, when the Irish originally brought this tradition to America, they didn’t use pumpkins. Instead, people would use things such as turnips. They did this to ward off spirits. When they rubbed on ember they believed that it would keep away all of the evil spirits. The reason why it changed from turnips to pumpkins is because the turnips were scarce in America. So they figured that this orange veggie was perfect!

You may see a lot of people eating candy corns around Halloween! Did you know that around 35. million pounds of candy corn will be made this year? Another cool fact is that candy corn is better for you than most candies at Halloween, so the next time someone tells you they’re not good for you, prove them wrong! They are fat free and have less than 28 grams of sugar per helping! Now let’s look into the history of this treat! This delicious candy was made in the 1880’s by a candy maker named George Renninger. It was handed out at masses when the twentieth century was beginning. Now the company is called Jelly Belly Candy Co. Sadly, the method has changed since the original recipe, but that makes it much tastier. It’s a win win!

We can’t forget about Halloween monsters! Why are there so many monsters on this night and why do we dress like them? When Halloween first started in America, people would dress up as witches, mummies and ghosts! Then someone bent the rules, and now people go as unicorns to dancers or anything they want, really! We are free to pick. Well, some of the first Halloween costumes were made to ward off ghosts/evil spirits, but that’s not all they did they to keep them away! They also light bonfires at the beginning of Halloween at the Celtic Festival of Samhain. Did you know that customers might have come from Scotland around 1585? We didn’t!

Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween!



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