Greenwich – meet Barcelona!

Parc Guell, Barcelona Catalonia is a region in Spain well known for the famous city, Barcelona. The citizens of Catalonia, also known as Catalans, have been holding official and unofficial votes since 2014. The reason for these, according to the polls, is that many Catalans wish to become independent from Spain because they feel as… Read More

Crazy Winter Sports

Don’t you wish we had these competitive sports at Sacred Heart? Zorbing Zorbing involves getting into a giant hamster ball and rolling down a hill, usually against someone else. Zorbing has become popular in theme parks across the UK. There are two different types of orbs: harnessed and unharnessed. A non-harnessed can carry up to… Read More

SH Middle School students enter New York Times competition

In their annual cartoon competition The New York Times invites teenagers to share their opinions about current event topics through an image. These editorial cartoons communicate the artist’s opinion about an issue. Our girls have a lot to say about the world – check out some of their submissions!  Morgan Remsen  Claudia El-Masry  Vanessa Torres Read More

Water Polo: Coming to Sacred Heart?

Is Water Polo coming to Sacred Heart?  Maybe … you can help make it happen! Have you ever wanted to play a sport at school but you realized that they didn’t offer it? Were you bummed or upset? Well, Rory Keller was when she understood that Sacred Heart didn’t offer water polo. She wants Sacred… Read More

Overcoming Obstacles

  Recently, Betty Ogiel Rubanga came to our Sacred Heart Middle School Gathering. She shared her incredible life story and all the obstacles she had to overcome.  Betty Ogiel recounted how her mother died when she was very young and she had to live with her uncle. When she was only 14, her uncle abandoned… Read More

Sacred Heart Network Middle School Roots Conference

Eighth graders Lourdes Auais-Bulnes, Emily Eckerson and Sadie Moulton traveled to St. Charles, Missouri with Mrs. Karen Cornell this week to participate in the Sacred Heart Network Middle School “Roots” conference.  The girls learned about St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, rscj and focused on how they can “Cross Frontiers” at their own schools. Day 1: Over… Read More