Overcoming Obstacles


Recently, Betty Ogiel Rubanga came to our Sacred Heart Middle School Gathering. She shared her incredible life story and all the obstacles she had to overcome. 

Betty Ogiel recounted how her mother died when she was very young and she had to live with her uncle. When she was only 14, her uncle abandoned her and she had to live off the things that the neighbors fed her and left for her. After a while, the neighbors got tired of Betty, and poisoned her so she got very sick. Despite all these incredible hardships, Betty still wanted to go to school at Sacred Heart. So she decided to try and make money to pay for tuition on her own. Even though she was only 14, she began smuggling across the border of Kenya to make money. A very long, hard time later she had enough money for the tuition for one year at Kangole Girls School, the Sacred Heart school she wanted to attend so much.

Once during her time at Sacred Heart, she was bitten by a poisonous snake. The people and nuns in her school community soon realized that she had no one to care for her and needed help. They payed the rest of Betty’s tuition so that she could continue to attend school. Betty was very grateful for this act of kindness from her community.

Betty graduated from Kangole Girls’ School and was able to go on to university. She studied Social Sciences and after university, she was able to support her big family! In 2006, she got into a serious car accident and became paralyzed and could not speak for 6 months. But Betty was determined to get well. She overcame this obstacle as well and is no longer disabled. During her presentation at Sacred Heart, she was holding a ball in her right hand trying to exercise it, because she is still partly paralyzed in her right hand and arm.

Betty Ogiel is a perfect example of how you should never give up. The moral of her story is that no matter what, always keep on going. All of the obstacles that Betty had to overcome were perfect ways for her to prove to everyone that she is capable of much more than they expected of her. Betty Ogiel shared her story with such confidence and strength that showed that she is no longer afraid of what lies ahead of her. Betty is now a motivational speaker and works in Human Resources. She supports almost all of her family and is so kind, loving, and strong.

Thank you, Betty, for telling us your amazing story and sharing your inspiration with us!


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