Water Polo: Coming to Sacred Heart?

Is Water Polo coming to Sacred Heart? 

Maybe … you can help make it happen!

Have you ever wanted to play a sport at school but you realized that they didn’t offer it? Were you bummed or upset? Well, Rory Keller was when she understood that Sacred Heart didn’t offer water polo. She wants Sacred Heart to have a water polo team. So Rory did something about it. After consulting with Mr. Olson and Ms. Stone, they agreed to post an interest sheet. The interest sheet is in the commons room near the sixth grade test schedule. Add your name to the sheet if you think you might be interested. Here are the details:

Rory Keller would like to have water polo offered as a spring or winter sport (it still has to be determined). Did you know that water polo is considered one of the best and safest conditioning sports? It combines the rigor and fitness of swimming with the strategy and ball-handling skills of lacrosse or basketball and is a great form of exercise for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Even if you’ve never played, you can still join because it will surely be a blast! You don’t need to be a great swimmer either – but we all swim at Sacred Heart already, because we have the privilege of learning how to swim during P.E. in our school pool. And since the pool doesn’t get as much use as it could, it would be occupied more. Rory believes that offering water polo would also enhance team building at Sacred Heart. The reason why Rory feels so strongly about the teamwork side of water polo is because it is so important! Without a team you cannot play. You can’t just have one person swimming the ball down the pool…

Rory loves every aspect of water polo, from the swimming part to the teamwork part and she would love it if you signed your name!

Water Polo: Coming to Sacred Heart. The answer is in your hands…

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