Crazy Winter Sports

Don’t you wish we had these competitive sports at Sacred Heart?


Zorbing involves getting into a giant hamster ball and rolling down a hill, usually against someone else. Zorbing has become popular in theme parks across the UK. There are two different types of orbs: harnessed and unharnessed. A non-harnessed can carry up to three people and double-harnessed orbs carry two people. Regular orbs can carry one to two people. Some runs are half a mile long! the first track was in Rotorua, New Zealand, and was designed by David and Andrew Akers. Anyone up for zorbing down the courtyard hill?

Rock Paper Scissors League

It is what it sounds like: people across the world play Rock-Paper-Scissors professionally and the sport even has its own international website. The archive on the website dates back all the way to May 2004 and one of the championship winners even won $50,000. That’s not all, the website even has plays and other strategic moves that they claim make all the difference in a sport like this. How about a league at  Rock Paper Scissor Lunch League at Sacred Heart?

Dog Surfing


Dog Surfing was founded in 2006 sponsored by tasteTV and was created by TCB Cafe publishing as the “Small Wave Surf Dog Competition”. The competition was such a success that it started competitions in California, Florida, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Whose dog can surf??


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  1. David Olson says:

    Zorbing may be a great way for students to get from the bus circle to the turf fields! 🙂

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