Our Lady of Guadaloupe – full of amazing secrets

Our Lady Of Guadalupe is a fascinating person. December 12, is the annual day of celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe. With joy we celebrate this miraculous Lady, Mary!

The story is filled with amazing events and details. Many centuries ago there was a man named Juan walking his forteen mile path to church. As he came upon a mountain, he approached Mary. Mary told him to tell the priest to build a church. Stunned, Juan agreed and told Mary that they most likely wouldn’t listen to him. He went on his way and when he arrived at his church, he explained what Mary had told him. The priest doubted him, and requested proof. So Juan returned to the mountain to tell Mary that the priest wanted proof.

Mary understood and handed Juan some roses. Now, roses do not grow in this part of Mexico and they most certainly don’t grow in the winter! Juan laid each individual rose carefully in his tilma and holding the bottom up to create a pouch. He carried the roses to the priest and let the tilma fall releasing the velvet colored flowers. As they fell to the ground the priest and everyone around fell to their knees staring at him. Juan was confused, thinking ‘Why are the staring at me?’ A beautiful image of Our Lady Of Guadalupe had appeared on the tilma!

Ever since then there have been many studies of the tilma by scientists trying to figure out what is going on! Some interesting facts include: the eyes on the tilma are looking down and seeing the bishop and the other people kneeling as if she was actually seeing them. The eyes were investigated by an expert eye doctor in the world, who was from Japan. Once he got a real look at the eyes…HE FAINTED! Once he got back to normal health conditions he explained that the eye looked like a human eye that reflects the scene that it sees. He said he saw light veins and many other convincing details of the scene in the church that Juan would have seen from where he was standing. This man wasn’t even Catholic either! Also,the stars on her cloak are the stars that would have been lined up on December 12, 1531, the date that this happened! Though they are shown from God’s point of view – as if you were looking at the star-lit sky from above. If you added more of the stars that are in the actual constellation, it would create an amazing pattern that goes across Mary in the most unbelievable ways! In addition, a part of her clothing shows a volcano erupting which is a symbol of Mexico. Did you know that the temperature of the cloak is always 98 degrees…like a human’s normal body temperature? Also, experts discovered that the image was most certainly NOT painted. There are no brushstroke anywhere, and the microscopic details would have been impossible to paint at that time. It looks as if it might have been printed but, as we know, there were no printers in 1531 in Mexico. Not mind-blown yet? Well, wait until you hear this: within the past century someone set off a bomb right by the tilma. This bomb bent  a BRONZE cross, but did NOT burn the tilma…which, in any case, should have disintegrated centuries ago already, around 15 years after December 12, 1531! If that’s not enough (which it should be…) there is a recent study about some “heartbeat” in the cloth. Don’t take my word for it because there’s no proof, but it’s a recent study!

So, if you didn’t believe in miracles… I hope you do now. This story just proves how NOTHING is impossible with God. Always have faith, no matter what! Our Lady of Guadalupe – miracles upon miracles upon miracles. Just think: how many other miracles are we yet to discover about Our Lady of Guadalupe?


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  1. David Olson says:


    Thanks for such a well-written history of Our Lady of Guadaloupe – fascinating!

    Mr. Olson

  2. Karen Cornell says:

    Beautiful article, Isabella! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Caroline Hartch says:

    Amazing article! So inspiring and holy!

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