Wearing a Hijab


Have you ever been judged because of the way you look? Well you’re not alone. Many religions have different clothing to symbolize their beliefs, and they risk discrimination from others. Some of the people I’m about to talk about are not afraid to show their religion.

Olympic bronze-medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first female fencer to wear a hijab. Recently, the first hijab wearing barbie doll was modeled on her. This doll is supposed to represent girls from the Muslim culture through the hijab. “It was a childhood dream come true,” She said. She also said,“For all those people who didn’t believe in me, this Barbie doll is for you.” This is a breakthrough because it can show kids around the world that being different isn’t bad.

Another girl who is not afraid to show her religion is Halima Aden. She is the first hijab wearing model. Unlike Ibtihaj Muhammad, she had a choice to wear a hijab or not, but she said “She was not afraid to represent her culture, she wanted to fall in love with her religion and she said that she wanted to wanted to resemble her mother.” These are all examples of why you should not discriminate people that look different.

Unlike the rest of the people Massa made history two years ago when she became Canada’s first hijab wearing reporter when she joined the team of CTV Kitchener in 2015. A year later, she appeared on televisions across the Greater Toronto Area on CityNews Toronto’s late night news show as the nation’s first hijab news anchor.

I wrote this article to represent different cultures around the world.

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