Fun Middle School Field Trips

  Fifth Grade goes to the Met Museum The grade went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as a field trip. They are currently learning about Ancient Egypt in history class. Here is what some kids thought: Tiger Times: What is one interesting new fact you learned about Ancient Egypt? Colette: I… Read More

10 Crazy Things That Will Happen During Your Lifetime

Crazy events are happening everyday as technology evolves and things change. Day by day, our world transforms – for the better and the worse. Here are ten things that will happen during your lifetime. The end of passwords: Yes, that’s right – the end of passwords. Passwords usually have something to do with you, whether… Read More

Save the Vaquitas!

Vaquitas are a rare and critically endangered species of porpoise, which are similar to the dolphin. They are considered the most endangered marine mammal. There are only about 30 individuals left in the world! If fishers don’t stop accidentally catching vaquitas and hurting them, they could easily become extinct within the next few years. Vaquitas… Read More