10 Crazy Things That Will Happen During Your Lifetime

Crazy events are happening everyday as technology evolves and things change. Day by day, our world transforms – for the better and the worse. Here are ten things that will happen during your lifetime.

  1. The end of passwords:

Yes, that’s right – the end of passwords. Passwords usually have something to do with you, whether it be your name, birthday, special numbers, favorites of anything, passions, and more. This makes them rather easy to guess. The future lies in facial recognition, fingerprints, and iris. On most newer phones you can use your thumbprint, and on the iPhone X, you have facial recognition.

  1. Peak Population:

You will experience the world’s highest population according to research by the Deutsche Bank. They claim that the Earth will reach 8.7 billion people in 2055. Then, the population will decrease. This doesn’t mean that lots of people will die, but rather people will have less kids than they were before.

  1. End of the Gas Car:

Soon, the gas car will come to an end. It’s already been 100 years since the rise of the gas car. Tesla, already, has been a leader when it comes to electric cars. Though there were many possible “problems” that can come along with this, it’s going smoothly now.

  1. Climate Change:

As of now, the temperature is 0.8 degrees higher than average. By 2052, it will be up 2 degrees. Then, in 2080 2.8 degrees. With this comes more rain, extreme weather, windier in windy places, heat waves, and melting glaciers. In some parts of the world, the change maybe so jurassic that you can actually feel the change from now and the future.

  1. The Mars Landing:

Okay, this one is super cool! NASA plans on putting a man on the Mars by 2030. Others think that they can get space shuttles there by the mid 2020s.

  1. No More Cash:

This one is surprising. In this day and age, you can use credit cards, Apple Pay, and more, in most places. This is making cash unnecessary and used less often. So why should the MINT waste their time and money on it, if we don’t use it?

  1. The End of Language Barriers

So what does this mean, you ask? To have a conversation with someone who speaks another language can be quite difficult – even if you’re using google translate. Now companies like Google and Darpa are creating an instant translator, so you can have a fluid conversation. You will literally be hearing it as the person says it. As technology improves, you maybe able to hear it in their voice.

  1. The First Person to Reach 150 years old

This is insane!!! We may be among the first person to turn 150 years old! The oldest person was a lady who was 122 year old!! As medicines and diet improve, so will the average human lifespan.

  1. Nanotechnology

This is so weird….basically, it’s technology that can manipulate your cells for the better – fighting of diseases, sickness, and even cancer. It can do the job of your immune system, but a million times better.

  1. Self-Cleaning Clothes

Self-cleaning cloths, how crazy?! This is for all the people that are lazy, and don’t want to do laundry. Engineers from China found a way to make clothes clean themselves by the second that you step into the sun. There are also some technical fish that can clean your clothes. These were developed by the South Koreans.

This proves that our world is changing rapidly, right before our eyes. Which subjects interest you most?

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