Fun Middle School Field Trips


Fifth Grade goes to the Met Museum

The grade went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as a field trip. They are currently learning about Ancient Egypt in history class. Here is what some kids thought:

Tiger Times: What is one interesting new fact you learned about Ancient Egypt?

Colette: I learned that Egypt has a lot of expensive artifacts. I also learned that Egyptians prepare for death for their most of their life. This seems very interesting to me.

TT: Did you do any fun activities there?

Alex: Yes, we were looking at the pictures of Wah’s pharaoh casket and we saw the first made emoji.

TT: Would you go again? If you went, would you go back to the ancient Egypt part?

Daphne: If I went back to the Met, I would go see other stuff. I might go back to the ancient Egypt part because it was so interesting.

TT: What did you enjoy the most?

Annie: I liked seeing all of the ancient artifacts not just in pictures but in real life.

TT: What was your favorite artifact?

Morgan: The blue hippo.



Sixth Grade Goes to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

There was another fun trip to Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. The laboratories have research programs focusing on cancer, neuroscience, plant genetics, genomics, and biology.The sixth grade was learning about DNA, so they went to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to learn more.

TT: What did you learn?

Avery: Everybody shares 99% of DNA with other people. And you share 61% with a fruit fly.

Frankie: I learned about how DNA works and how it is extracted. We also  learned about two murder mysteries. I thought they were very interesting.

TT: Can you tell me a little bit about one of the murder mysteries?

Samantha: There was a family that was very wealthy. Another family took the throne and murdered the other family.  They could not find Anastasia’s  body (she was one of the children). They pulled a lady out of the river and she claimed to be Anastasia. They figured out who she actually was much later when technology increased.

TT: What was your favorite part?

Isabella: My favorite part was learning about the Murder Mystery.

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