Save the Vaquitas!

Vaquitas are a rare and critically endangered species of porpoise, which are similar to the dolphin. They are considered the most endangered marine mammal. There are only about 30 individuals left in the world! If fishers don’t stop accidentally catching vaquitas and hurting them, they could easily become extinct within the next few years. Vaquitas can be caught in nets meant for other marine mammals, and nearly one out of every five vaquitas gets caught in these nets and drowns. This is one of the horrible reasons why this rare species of porpoise is dying out. Vaquitas are only found in the Northern Gulf of California. They weren’t discovered until 1958, and are already an extremely endangered species. Vaquitas can grow to be about 5 feet long and around 100 pounds. They like to eat fish including the Gulf Croaker and the bronze-striped grunt, and use high-pitched sounds to communicate. However, vaquitas are the number one most endangered cetacean in the world! We must work together to to save this amazing species. For more information on vaquitas and why they need our help, visit this website.


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