Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

In Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, written by Chris Grabenstein, a boy named Kyle competes in the library lock-in, a competition to see who can escape the New Lemoncello library first. The new high-tech library is full of surprises – including holographs, singing animatronics, and life-size tigers leaping from shelf to shelf. Kyle wants nothing more than… Read More

Ever heard of Yarn Farms…?

When most people think about farms they usually think about huge agricultural centers with tons and tons of food being produced. Most people don’t think about smaller farms, in this case yarn farms. Yarn farm’s are where most of the yarn comes from that people use for hobbies like knitting, crocheting, and weaving. First things… Read More

Olympic Skaters – from Greenwich

  On February 9th, the Winter Olympics started this year in Pyeongchang. We know that the olympic events have passed, but there have been many outstanding American athletes performing in the ice dancing and skating competitions, including Nathan Chen, Alex Shibutani, and Maia Shibutani.  We want to share their talents with you! Nathan Chen is… Read More