Useful Cockroaches

Cockroaches may sound like a disgusting little bug that you never want to see, but they actually are very interesting and important.

Cockroaches have been living on Earth since the dinosaurs. They have spread around the world even though their approximate lifespan is one year. It is impossible to figure out how many cockroaches are living today, but scientists do know that there are about 4,000 different species of them. Forty of those species live in America. They are cold-blooded insects. Scientists find them interesting because they can live without food for a whole month, although they cannot survive a week without water. Researchers have also discovered that they can use a certain bacterium that allows them to make their own protein, which may be what allows them to survive for so long without food.

 Scientists from the North Carolina State University have been working on making remote-controlled cockroaches that will possibly someday be able to seek out Earthquake victims that are injured or buried under debris. This could be a great thing and could save so many people.

Cockroaches are helping scientists learn new things about life. So, next time you see cockroaches, remember that they are fascinating creatures and you shouldn’t hurt them.



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