Rain Reign Review

Rain Reign, by Ann M. Martin, is an interesting, well-written, and amazing book. A young girl named Rose has autism, but is very smart. Rose loves homophones (she calls them homonyms). She lives with her dad because her mom is gone. Her dad is not a good man and his father (her grandpa) is even worse. Rose has two friends, her dog Rain and her uncle Weldon. When Rain gets lost in a huge hurricane, Rose is determined to find her. She looks everywhere for her. She puts up adds and calls shelters to try and find her dog.

Lots of people with autism have trouble interacting with others, so when Rose’s dog goes missing it gives her a chance to make friends. Many kids love dogs. Rose is one of those kids and so are some other kids in her class. Rose is able to talk to the other kids in her class about her missing dog. After her dog goes missing, she starts to making friends with other kids.

Autism is a disability that comes in many forms. No person with autism is the same – kind of like a snowflake. People with autism might have trouble speaking or move around a lot without being able to help it. More boys have autism than girls, though, scientists don’t know why.

I definitely recommend this book. Rain Reign really shows someone overpowering the struggles of autism. It can give others with autism or other challenges inspiration to try their best.

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  1. David Olson says:

    Moira and Francesca,

    Sounds like a great book – thanks for sharing!

    Mr. Olson

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