New Speech + Debate Team!

This year Ms. Haas has started a Speech and Debate team that could teach you things that you can use for the rest of your life.

Are there fun things and activities to do? Ms. Haas says “Yes! A lot! During Speech and Debate you learn to express thoughts, build strong arguments, use evidence, write a variety of speeches, and learn how to speak comfortably and with confidence.” So while debate raises our self esteem, we also learn the importance of public speaking and it will help us write strong debates that might later help in other classes.  

Will students be debating with other students or other schools? “Yes. We practice with each other and then we have 5 tournaments throughout the year where we will get to debate with teams from other schools.” The events are all on Saturdays and further information will be given as they get closer.

Debate can help develop listening skills by practicing evaluative thinking, debating and speaking, research, practicing  full-length debates. It is especially helpful for improving listening skills. “Debate is all about understanding what you opponent is saying, so you have to practice listening,” Ms. Haas stated. She is talking about all the amazing listening skills that will help through years to come whether it be analyzing a lecture in the classroom or anywhere outside of school.

Debate addresses certain skills that are used later in life that can be difficult to learn. Ms. Haas says “the skills you learn from debate are helpful in many different areas of your life. Practicing how to analyze and critique arguments will help you in your classes at school – especially writing! And knowing how to express yourself clearly and confidently is something that will stay with you throughout your life and make public speaking a lot less intimidating!”

These skills are limitless for the future. “Because debaters have to be ready to argue both sides of each topic, they have to practice looking at it from all points of view….I hope students on the debate team learn how to see both sides of any issue and take that ability with them throughout their lives.”

Speech and Debate is open to all 5-8 graders of the CSH middle school.  The girls in the club will be meeting with other schools during this tournament. Practices are held Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 and run throughout the year. Students are welcome to stop by at any time to join the team! There will also be 5 optional debates tournaments and a speaking tournament on Saturdays through the year. If you or your parent wants to learn more about the program, you can contact Ms. Haas at or can come talk to her after or during school.

Thank you so much for reading and go CSH debate team!



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