Meet Mrs. Nystedt!

Mrs. Nystedt is our new Technology teacher at Sacred Heart. Did you know that she lived in Washington D.C. for eight years, four years in London and lived in upstate New York for two years? Another fun fact is that she loves downhill skiing. I really like having her help us in robotics. She teaches us new things about sensors, such as color sensors or gyro sensors which detect rotation. I didn’t know how to use any of them on our robots, but I have learned to install them and write code for them. Mrs. Nysted also helps a lot with coding for Mindstorm, which we use for the robotics challenge.

We were interested in learning more about her so we interviewed her.

Tiger Times: Are you excited to be an advisor?

Mrs. Nystedt: Yes, I am very excited.

TT: Why did you decide to switch to Sacred Heart?

Mrs. Nystedt: I really like teaching technology, especially to girls.

TT: What is the most challenging thing about moving to sacred heart?

Mrs. Nystedt: Getting used to the special schedules.

TT: What is the best part of being a teacher at Sacred Heart?

Mrs. Nystedt: Being with you guys.

TT: When did you start really enjoying computer science?

Mrs. Nystedt: 8th grade, I was really hooked to computer science.

TT: Do you like teaching here so far.

Mrs. Nystedt: Yes, very much!

I think Mrs. Nystedt is a great teacher. I am so excited for Mrs. Nystedt to join the Sacred Heart community! I think she will definitely help the robotics team learn new things and hopefully win our first competition on November 17th!


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  1. David Olson says:

    Welcome to Sacred Heart Mrs. Nystedt!

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