A Passion for…. Elephants

Did you know seventh grader Ellie Tiedeman has adopted an elephant?  She shared her passion for elephants at our last Middle School Gathering and we learned a lot about this endangered species. Here’s what Ellie shared with us:

“I have always loved animals, but elephants have always been my favorite. They are such gentle, sweet and kind animals which share so many human qualities, that I wish did not have to suffer the struggles of being targeted for their ivory.  Everyday elephants face a hard and troublesome day, with them being illegally poached. In addition, they are often abused in circuses around the world. That is why it is my mission to help elephants and I hope other people share my interest as well.”

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  1. David Olson says:


    Thanks for your fascinating presentation at Gathering this week!

    Mr. Olson

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