Stop the Hate!

Bullying is wrong and hurtful! Why do kids bully kids? Teasing harms people and can be stopped. Bullying can make you sad and embarrassed. Most importantly, bullying can make you doubt yourself. Usually kids get bullied where there are less teachers or adults. Being hurt by a bully can make you rattled.

There are many reasons why kids are being mean. To begin with, some parents don’t give their children enough love or attention. Another reason why kids get bullied is that they might see someone else do it or it comes from the family. Finally, some people are just jealous.

Here are some ways to stop bullying. To begin with, you should ask them to stop in a calm voice. Particularly because they want you to get upset. Also, if they are still bullying you, ignore them so it is not fun for them. Finally, if the bullying gets out of control, tell a teacher or another adult.

Bullying hurts and can be stopped. It can make you question yourself. Try these ideas if you are being bullied!


Artwork by 6th graders Maggie Heffernan (top) and Kathleen Denvir (bottom)




4 Responses to Stop the Hate!

  1. Ms. Gifis says:

    Love this artwork!!

  2. Dawn A Fuller says:

    Thank you for your editorial wisdom. Awesome visuals.

  3. David Olson says:


    Thanks for the excellent reminders about being kind to all – our hope is that Sacred Heart’s commitment to building community helps us have a safe and welcoming school for all.

    Mr. Olson

  4. Melissa Otero says:

    Maggie, thank you so much for this beautiful and informative article!! It’s so important that you share your voice on this topic. I’m proud of you!

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