Robotics – Into Orbit


“Ok,  we just need to code a turn into the program and it should work,”  and “ Yes! We got it in…now lets see if we can get it to work again,” are almost always heard after school on Thursdays in the makerspace for Robotics. At the Thursday Robotics group it’s always so fun to write code, get ready for the competitions, learn new things, and just have fun with our group members.  

Astronaut Catapult

Everyday we work hard but we also have lots of fun. We play games with each other and work to solve everyday problems. This year we learned about space and had so much fun learning what astronauts need to do, like exercising everyday for three hours, solving problems like fixing a part on the space station, and much more. We enjoyed learning how to code and making skits and projects. To code our robots, we used Lego Mindstorm.

Team robot: Rover

Our teachers Mrs. Nystedt, Mrs. Donahue, and Ms. McLeod helped us throughout our journey. During recess, we built our own robot and spent lots of time preparing for the big competition day. At the competition, we messed up on our codes, yet we got lots of extra points…sometimes without even trying! Sharing our presentation to the judges and showing our team working all together made us proud that we worked hard to get there. Robotics was so fun this season and we loved it. We will definitely be back next year, and we hope even more people will join us.

Robotics team members with their creation

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