MLK Prayer Service – Making Voices Heard


From the Vision Steppers to the Gospel Knights the Martin Luther King Jr. Service is always thrilling. This is one of the most favored prayer services of the year. There is so much action and music, how couldn’t you enjoy it? From listening in your seat to dancing on your feet, it’s full of laughing and smiling. Each year everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see what will happen next. Who will speak? When will the dancers dance again? Do the singers have another song to sing?

This year the liturgy took place on Friday, January 18, 2019. As everyone walked into the gym, silky voices of the Gospel Knights flooded the air. After a beautiful song, the Vision Steppers performed an entertaining, active dance with a story being shouted throughout. There was a powerful message in their movements. The liturgy continued on with prayers and then numerous speakers. Some focused on Martin Luther King Jr., discussing his mission and work, not only for African-Americans, but for the poor, as well. Other speeches were about Hearts Together, walkouts, females who made history, clean water, and more. Each speech was full of information and passion about today’s main issues or topics. These contributions to the liturgy not only came from high schoolers or middle schoolers,but also young girls from the Lower School, demonstrating that all ages are thinking way beyond the classrooms. These strong speeches showed the perspective of the students, which was very interesting for everyone to hear. Broadcasting students presented a video of faculty and students who shared their dream for equality as they recited Martin Luther King’s very famous speech.

At the end of the prayer service the Gospel Nights sang a couple of songs, and ended with the collective favorite song ‘Do You Know Him?’ This song is so powerful. The dancers and some Sacred Heart girls dance along. The audience gets into the song and the prayer service ends on that fun, high note.


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