Caffeine Craze

by: Claire Maher

Did you know that throughout the world there are 27,339 Starbucks coffee shops? Of all places in the world, the United States as a whole is the caffeine capital of the world. In the United States there are around 13,311 Starbucks coffee shops. Although the United States has the most as a whole country, the city with the most Starbucks coffee shops is Seoul, South Korea. It has around 284 Starbucks all around. In second place is New York City, New York, with around 277 Starbucks coffee shops, only seven fewer than Seoul.

In Seoul, coffee is now a part of the Korean culture. Starting in around 1910, the Korean royal empire was repealed and the emperor and his family went to live in Changdeok palace. He and his family would often hold western style dinner parties, and served many people with food not very common in early 20th century Korea, like potatoes, roast beef, and sometimes steak. After dinner, Emperor Sunjong and his father would drink coffee, a drink they loved. They were beloved by their people and very influential, encouraging other people of nobility to drink coffee along with them. This drink became appreciated by many people, not just the nobles, as more and more people started drinking it. Many people liked the change in taste, after always having the traditional tea, and other familiar drinks. They also loved this drink for the amount they could make and buy at a time, for such a low price.

This drink has survived the test of time and is still widely produced for the pleasure of many people in Korea and all over the world. In New York City, you can find a Starbucks around almost every street corner. Many coffee shops brew your fresh, hot, and unique brew of coffee right before your eyes, while coffee is also mass produced and made with the push of a button at many chain shops. Throughout much of recent history and modern times, coffee is a widely produced and appreciated beverage.

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