Notre Dame de Paris – Did you know….?

by Tiger Times staff writers

  • Notre Dame is one of the largest religious buildings.
  • The relics at Notre-Dame de Paris include a piece of the Cross along with the Holy Crown of Thorns.
  • The Crown of Thorns was bought by the king of France, Louis the ninth. Not everyone believes it was the real one, but some do.
  • The 16 bronze statues on the spire were removed a week before the fire to be refurbished.
  • Notre Dame is famous for its three large circular stained glass windows – these are called rose windows because they are said to resemble that flower.
  • The rose window is a great example of radial symmetry!
  • The gargoyles were placed on the building to protect Notre Dame.
  • The name of the cathedral, Notre Dame, is French for Our Lady and is named for the Virgin Mary.
  • It has stood for 856 years:
    • It stood through WWI,
    • It survived WWII,
    • It survived the French Revolution, although it was damaged and looted
    • It also stood through many invasions and plagues, and was used as an infirmary.
  • The wooden beams in the rafters were each from an individual tree, using 52 acres of trees from the 12th century.
  • The cathedral had previously been renovated for 20 years.
  • Like most medieval cathedrals, Notre Dame is in the shape of a cross.
  • Notre Dame would not be able to stand erect without support from the so called flying buttresses which are placed on the outside around the nave.
  • The inside of Notre Dame de Paris is 225 feet high! Gothic cathedrals were built so high so that our gaze is drawn up to the highest point in the vault and up towards the heavens. That’s why the stained glass windows were placed so high up as well.


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