Welcome, new teachers!

By Moira Marangi + Natasha Stewart

Madame Nigey is the new middle school French teacher. She was born in France in South Arles.  Here are some interesting facts about Madame: she has two kids. In fact, her daughter Hunter is in 7th grade here at Sacred Heart.  Before coming here, Madame worked at Greenwich Catholic School but decided to come and work here because it was an all-girls school and she really enjoyed the visit. Some fun facts about Madame are her favorite colors are blue and pink, her favorite animal is a dolphin, her favorite game is Monopoly, and she speaks a little bit of Spanish. Finally, her favorite French units to teach are on food and clothing. Madame Nigey said she sometimes speaks French at home, but when her mother comes she only speaks French. Madame is really nice and has great ways of teaching. I especially love that she uses games to help us learn. I am glad she is now a part of the Sacred Heart community and hope she has a good year teaching.

Mrs. Engelhardt is our new learning specialist. She has two daughters who are three and five. Brook, her three year old, goes to the Barat Center. Mrs. Engelhardt has lived in West Hampton on Long Island. She worked at the Bronx middle school for two years and Manhattan middle school for five years. We then went and asked her some fun questions. 

Tiger Times: Can you tell us some interesting facts about yourself?

Ms. Engelhardt: I really like to ski and hike. One mountain I ski on is Windham mountain. 
Tiger Times: What is you favorite animal? Ms. Engelhardt: Dogs are my favorite!
Tiger Times:  What is you favorite subject to teach? Ms. Engelhardt: Math.
Tiger Times:  And what is your favorite color? Ms. Engelhardt: Red!
Though I personally don’t have Ms Engelhardt as a teacher I have heard great things about her. I do have her as an advisor and she is really kind and helpful. She is always available in room 420 during study hall to help anyone who needs it. I am very excited that she has come to our school!

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