FROZEN in the Middle School

Fun facts about our Middle School musical!

By Moira Marangi

This year our middle school musical was Frozen. It is the story of  two sisters who are best friends until Elsa, the older sister, closes the door on her younger sister and refuses to play with her – without any explanation. When it is finally time for Elsa to become Queen,  Anna asks for her permission to marry Hans, the love of her life that she meets that day. Elsa gets very upset, letting out ice and snow all over the land with her magical powers, and leaves the court. Anna follows her through a winter forest to an ice castle to bring Elsa back to reverse the icy winter. Anna meets new friends along the way, including Olaf the snowman, who is cute and funny, Kristoff, an ice harvester, Sven, Kristoff’s reindeer, and Oaken who is a hilarious character living by Hygee. In the spirit of the play, we have some Frozen fun facts down below. 

Did You know…..?

Frozen is based on the story The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.  It took Disney many years to finally get the adaption of The Snow Queen right. They tried more than three times. 

Frozen was the first Disney movie to be directed and written by a woman. 

Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell both auditioned for Rapunzel. Santino Fontana, Hans, also auditioned to be Eugene in Tangled. All of them asked to be cast in Frozen instead. 

The names Anna and Elsa have become very popular names since the movie came out. 

At the end credits, Disney has a paragraph saying that they don’t totally agree with Kristoff’s view that all men eat their boogers.

Limited editions dolls of Anna and Elsa are sold for $10,000 dollars on eBay. 

Anna is the first Disney princess to have a duet with the villain. (“Love is an Open Door.”) 

Originally Elsa was supposed to be the villain. She was supposed to have blue skin and blue spiky hair. Later they realized that making Elsa misunderstood would bring a new layer of magic to the story. 

The song “Let It Go” was written in only one day.

Posters by Annabel English, Cara Sedgwick, Alana Ukperaj, Avery Kim, Sarah Bellissimo

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