Letter from the Editor

Dear Middle School Students,

Welcome to the new Tiger Times! I am excited to be the new Editor of Tiger Times.  Last year was my first year with the newspaper and I wrote articles on a number of subjects.  I have many ideas for changing Tiger Times and bringing it to its full potential as a blog.  

My vision for the newspaper begins with involving new people.  Whether you’re interested in designing the newspaper, becoming a journalist, or being a graphic artist or illustrator, every person’s talent can be used.  In addition to changing the newspaper we have added section editors to our staff.  These positions include Features Editor – Kayla Malcolm-Joseph, Current Events Editor – Mary Clare Marshall, Entertainment Editor – Karina Adams and Destini-Joy Green, and Sports Editor – Isabelle Pipher.   We meet Wednesdays during study hall in the area across from the makerspace. We would love to have new visitors no matter what time of year.

As a team, we are looking to change the format of the newspaper to a blog.  We will post often so check the website http://schoolpress.cshgreenwich.org/tigertimes for new articles, interviews, sports updates, photos and more!  We are even working on creating rotating banners.

Please join us in our journey as we create a whole new Tiger Times. Please comment on our posts, on the blog design or send us ideas for features! Let’s make the Tiger Times  a successful student newspaper!

Thank you,

Catriona Marangi

Editor, Tiger Times   marangic@cshct.org