The Great Balancing Act of Studying

I know I share the struggle of juggling after school activities with finding enough time to study with many students. This is something we all might face at least once in our lives and here are some ways to deal with it. I asked Learning Center director, Ms. Ruiz, what  the first step in handling… Read More

Gooaaall…… Three!

During the 2015-2016 school year, Sacred Heart raised money for our sister school in Uganda. Through an ice cream social, two ‘cozy’ days and the sixth grade art bag sale we raised $1,575.50! The annual scholarship commitment we made to Uganda is $1,350. The amount we will be sending to our sister school exceeds the… Read More

Sticks + Swings for Spring Sports

Wham! The lacrosse ball hits the net in a blur. Swish! The track runner races through the finish line, claiming victory. Thud! The softball lands in the glove after it’s tossed across the field. Spring sports have started! The first practice for all players was on Tuesday, March 29.  Coaches met with the students and… Read More

79 cents…Makes No Sense

In eighth grade theology class, students are assigned the “Making History” project. For this project we have to choose an issue in our community to which we want to contribute. I decided to investigate the issue of equal pay for women.  I have formed a club at Sacred Heart to raise awareness about this topic…. Read More

My Blythedale Experience

In the eighth grade, we have to do a “Making History” project where we choose a topic of interest that we feel needs improvement and we act to make it better. For my Making History project I chose “Children in Hospitals.”  This topic was personal to me because I have close friends dealing with severe… Read More

Thrilling Book Review

Jackaby, by William Ritter, is told from the perspective of an intelligent young woman, Abigail, who recently arrived in the U.S.  This mysterious historical fantasy, set in 1892, has been described as a cross between Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. Abigail Rook arrives in New England, excited about the possibilities for herself in this new land…. Read More

Celebration of the Arts!

On February 17, 2016, we had our Middle School Celebration of the Arts. Celebration of the Arts is an event we have every year to show our appreciation for all the opportunities in the arts we have at Sacred Heart. Presentations on this evening included digital art, paintings, musical numbers and drama scenes.    … Read More

Going ‘Under the Sea’ at Sacred Heart

On January 29 and 30, the middle school students performed The Little Mermaid Jr. Students  auditioned in November and once the cast was chosen, they began practicing Monday through Wednesday every week.  The dress rehearsal scheduled for Saturday, January 23 was moved to Sunday January 24, due to the snowstorm. The entire Middle School, many… Read More

Rescue Me!

Sixth grade math is a lot harder than fifth grade math. I’m really stressed out. What should I do?”- Anonymous When you move up a grade, the workload always increases. The concepts are new, so they may seem really hard. You are going to have to work harder every year. That’s just how it is…. Read More

Oscar Worthy Movies According to 5th and 6th Grade

The fifth grade took a survey on which movies were their favorites in 2015. The movie choices were: Pitch Perfect 2, Cinderella, Inside out, Minions, and Ant-Man.  In first place, with 21 votes, was Cinderella. One student commented, “It was one of the best movies I have ever seen!” In second place was Pitch Perfect 2…. Read More

  3D Printed Car By Local Motors

When you are working in the Maker Space think about all the possible things that could be made with a 3D printer.  Did you ever think a car could be produced with one of these printers? A tech company called Local Motors is the first to create a 3D printed car. According to Fortune Magazine,… Read More