Visiting The Greens

By Claire Maher Of many service opportunities for 8th grade students, the Greens is a different kind of way to interact with and be a part of the community we live in. A group of seven students visits The Greens at Greenwich every Thursday for six weeks, participating in activities and fun events with the… Read More

Composting at Sacred Heart

by Avery Kim, 7th Grade A program recently opened up in Bedford, the town I live in, that is dedicated to reducing the town’s carbon emissions by 20% by the year 2020. Bedford 2020, as the program is called, already has many successes, including requiring grocery stores to charge 10 cents for any disposable bags… Read More

Al’s Angels Toy Drive

All the gifts are gone….! Al’ Angels toy drive was a huge success this year – we finished with an amazing 363 gifts today! Totals are as follows (with gifts per person too!) 5th Grade – 34 ( 0.89) 6th Grade –  130 (2) 7th Grade – 100 (1.3) 8th Grade – 99 (1.43) Congrats to… Read More

A Passion for…. Elephants

Did you know seventh grader Ellie Tiedeman has adopted an elephant?  She shared her passion for elephants at our last Middle School Gathering and we learned a lot about this endangered species. Here’s what Ellie shared with us: “I have always loved animals, but elephants have always been my favorite. They are such gentle, sweet… Read More

A Prayer

Dear God , each day you enter our hearts and fill them with love, joy and forgiveness please help us each day to understand that Our Father is with us,  protecting us and our family every day. Please help us to make wise choices and to give of ourselves to the less fortunate . Please… Read More

Sacred Heart Advent Angels

    This year we have a new advent season activity: Advent Angels. All students picked a random name in their advisory from an envelope from their advisor. As that person’s secret angel, you then got to do nice things for them. Many girls made nice notes and hung them on their person’s locker during a… Read More

Coming together for Uganda

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, there was a chapel celebrating a Sacred Heart School in Uganda called Kyamusansala (KAY-AM-MOOSE-SAN-SA-LA). This school, our sister school, is for children in Uganda who had no chance for an education before Kyamusansala was started. Several years ago, The Religious of the Sacred Heart, (RSCJ’s) saw how few girls received… Read More


Exciting news! The fifth grade hosted visitors from the Waterside School last week.  Over the last few weeks, we have been working with the fifth grade class at the Waterside School, reading books about social justice topics and discussing these issues with them over Skype. One topic we have learned about is access to clean… Read More