“Let Love Be Your Guide”

Angela Lewis, daughter of slain activist, at MLK Prayer Service By Claire Maher and Colette Minton Claire, Avery, and Colette had the special opportunity to interview Angela Lewis at the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prayer service for the Tiger Times. She is the daughter of James Chaney, one of the three Civil Rights… Read More

FROZEN in the Middle School

Fun facts about our Middle School musical! By Moira Marangi This year our middle school musical was Frozen. It is the story of  two sisters who are best friends until Elsa, the older sister, closes the door on her younger sister and refuses to play with her – without any explanation. When it is finally… Read More

Why I Went: Global Climate Strikes 2019

By Avery Kim, 8th Grade “What do we want?” “Climate Justice!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” The United States Courthouse looked like a painting against the solid blue-sky backdrop, its columns shrinking as they stretched towards the sun. The stones below our feet trembled from the subways, from the 4 train carting more protesters… Read More

Welcome, new teachers!

By Moira Marangi + Natasha Stewart Madame Nigey is the new middle school French teacher. She was born in France in South Arles.  Here are some interesting facts about Madame: she has two kids. In fact, her daughter Hunter is in 7th grade here at Sacred Heart.  Before coming here, Madame worked at Greenwich Catholic… Read More

Student Council 19/20

The student council for 2019/2020 has been busy working on fall events already: Green and White initiations were a hit and fun and spooky activities for our “SWEET & SOUR” Halloween are on the calendar next. If you are curious what else the student council might be planning for this year, find the clues in… Read More

Sacred Heart Civil Rights Pilgrimage

by Kristin Morrow, Grade 8 On March 9, In the Footsteps Toward Freedom: A Civil Rights Pilgrimage began, which 20 students and teachers, including myself, participated in. We started in Atlanta, Georgia, and drove through Mississippi, Alabama, ending the trip in Memphis, Tennessee. We got to see so many of the places that history books… Read More

Composting at Sacred Heart

by Avery Kim, 7th Grade A program recently opened up in Bedford, the town I live in, that is dedicated to reducing the town’s carbon emissions by 20% by the year 2020. Bedford 2020, as the program is called, already has many successes, including requiring grocery stores to charge 10 cents for any disposable bags… Read More

Hearts Together inspires Kindness

Hearts Together is a club for 7th and 8th graders that meets during lunch and recess on B-days. I am a Hearts Together member, and I am so grateful for everything that I have learned in Hearts Together. In Hearts Together, we discuss many different topics, including the big eight identifiers (ability, age, ethnicity, gender,… Read More

James and the Giant Peach

On Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26, girls from grades 5-8 put on the show James and the Giant Peach. The performance was great from the audience’s point of view, but here is the view of the performers and Mrs. Gifis, the choreographer of the show. Emilia (Spiker): When I found out I would… Read More

MLK Prayer Service – Making Voices Heard

     From the Vision Steppers to the Gospel Knights the Martin Luther King Jr. Service is always thrilling. This is one of the most favored prayer services of the year. There is so much action and music, how couldn’t you enjoy it? From listening in your seat to dancing on your feet, it’s full of… Read More

Robotics – Into Orbit

“Ok,  we just need to code a turn into the program and it should work,”  and “ Yes! We got it in…now lets see if we can get it to work again,” are almost always heard after school on Thursdays in the makerspace for Robotics. At the Thursday Robotics group it’s always so fun to… Read More

Exploring DNA at Cold Spring Harbor Lab

On Thursday, January 17th, the sixth grade students traveled to the DNA Learning Center of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory which is located in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. During the field trip, the girls worked with educators at this facility on three exciting activities.     During one of the activities, the girls learned about… Read More

Stop the Hate!

Bullying is wrong and hurtful! Why do kids bully kids? Teasing harms people and can be stopped. Bullying can make you sad and embarrassed. Most importantly, bullying can make you doubt yourself. Usually kids get bullied where there are less teachers or adults. Being hurt by a bully can make you rattled. There are many… Read More

Watch that Scene!

News from the theater workshop: Rehearsals and set production for the middle school’s winter musical performance of “James and the giant Peach Jr.” are well under way and everyone is looking forward to the January  performances. The scene painting artists are rocking it this year! From seascapes to cityscapes to landscapes the set designers can… Read More