The Ghosts of Sacred Heart

by Kathleen Denvir, Moira Marangi, and Natasha Stewart Have you ever heard about the Sacred Heart Ghost? Well, we have. We wanted to know more so we talked to Mr. Maida, Ms. Van Beuren, Mr. Allison, Mr.Favata, Mrs. Dunn, Ms. Scicilia, Mrs. Minafra, and Mrs. Rathkopf. Here is what we learned:   There are many different… Read More

Sacred Heart Civil Rights Pilgrimage

by Kristin Morrow, Grade 8 On March 9, In the Footsteps Toward Freedom: A Civil Rights Pilgrimage began, which 20 students and teachers, including myself, participated in. We started in Atlanta, Georgia, and drove through Mississippi, Alabama, ending the trip in Memphis, Tennessee. We got to see so many of the places that history books… Read More

Caffeine Craze

by: Claire Maher Did you know that throughout the world there are 27,339 Starbucks coffee shops? Of all places in the world, the United States as a whole is the caffeine capital of the world. In the United States there are around 13,311 Starbucks coffee shops. Although the United States has the most as a… Read More

Hearts Together inspires Kindness

Hearts Together is a club for 7th and 8th graders that meets during lunch and recess on B-days. I am a Hearts Together member, and I am so grateful for everything that I have learned in Hearts Together. In Hearts Together, we discuss many different topics, including the big eight identifiers (ability, age, ethnicity, gender,… Read More

Meet a Samoyed – and fall in love!

 by Tabitha Peterson     Samoyeds are very good dogs to have. They have many traits and are very fun, kind, playful, and protective. Take it from me; I have been living with them for practically all my life! They have been nothing but happy, howling puffballs. Samoyeds come from Russia and Siberia. The Samoyed is… Read More

A Saint that I Admire

This past year, Sacred Heart schools throughout the United States have been celebrating the bicentennial (200 years) of Sacred Heart education.  A French woman who was a Religious of the Sacred Heart, named Rose Philippine Duchesne, crossed the ocean 200 years ago to bring the love of the heart of Jesus to the “new world.” … Read More

A Passion for…. Elephants

Did you know seventh grader Ellie Tiedeman has adopted an elephant?  She shared her passion for elephants at our last Middle School Gathering and we learned a lot about this endangered species. Here’s what Ellie shared with us: “I have always loved animals, but elephants have always been my favorite. They are such gentle, sweet… Read More

Cats & Kittens!!

Are you looking for an animal to adopt? Do you want an animal you can cuddle with? Do you want a playful animal? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then a cat or kitten if the perfect animal for you! Some people don’t like cats because they scratch and bite. But that… Read More

Adopt a Vancouver Island Marmot!

These cute little Vancouver Island Marmots are endangered! Marmots have been the cute members of the sciuridae family for a very long time. But they are almost extinct! They are one of the five most endangered species animals in all of Canada.   The Marmots are a part of the Animalia Kingdom. They are also… Read More

Useful Cockroaches

Cockroaches may sound like a disgusting little bug that you never want to see, but they actually are very interesting and important. Cockroaches have been living on Earth since the dinosaurs. They have spread around the world even though their approximate lifespan is one year. It is impossible to figure out how many cockroaches are… Read More

Ever heard of Yarn Farms…?

When most people think about farms they usually think about huge agricultural centers with tons and tons of food being produced. Most people don’t think about smaller farms, in this case yarn farms. Yarn farm’s are where most of the yarn comes from that people use for hobbies like knitting, crocheting, and weaving. First things… Read More

10 Crazy Things That Will Happen During Your Lifetime

Crazy events are happening everyday as technology evolves and things change. Day by day, our world transforms – for the better and the worse. Here are ten things that will happen during your lifetime. The end of passwords: Yes, that’s right – the end of passwords. Passwords usually have something to do with you, whether… Read More

Save the Vaquitas!

Vaquitas are a rare and critically endangered species of porpoise, which are similar to the dolphin. They are considered the most endangered marine mammal. There are only about 30 individuals left in the world! If fishers don’t stop accidentally catching vaquitas and hurting them, they could easily become extinct within the next few years. Vaquitas… Read More

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream? Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. He wanted blacks to have the same rights as whites, so he did something about it. He started many peaceful movements, and things in the United States did get better. He wasn’t the only one with that dream though. The Little Rock Nine… Read More