Fun snacks to get you through the day

Do you ever feel like you need some yummy snack ideas? Here they are – cooked up by Frankie and Avery! Stacy’s Chips with Hummus Tip: Use cinnamon chips for a new taste. Fun Fact: Hummus is made from chickpeas/garbanzo beans. Carrot sticks with Ranch Dressing Tip: Use baby carrots (easier to chew). Fun Fact:… Read More

Op Ed: Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

On Tuesday January 24, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order to place an oil pipeline through the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. This action reverses former President Obama’s order in opposition to the project. The President wants the pipeline finished as soon as possible, but the order has triggered some… Read More

Save the Rainforests!

  I love rainforests and all the things that live there. There are many different plants, animals and rare and endangered creatures living in rainforests. Sadly, the rainforests are disappearing quickly. Did you know that a space of rainforest the size of a football field is cleared every second? It is true! Rainforests are home to… Read More

Incredible Irish Fast Feet

 At Sacred Heart many girls do after school activities. One interesting activity is Irish step dancing. I had the chance to interview three Irish dancers in the seventh grade, Katherine Devine, Gigi Pascal and Amy Maher. When did you start Irish step dancing? Gigi P: I have been dancing since I was four.   Katherine… Read More

Interview with Sr. Ferraro!

Señor Ferraro has been teaching Spanish and coaching soccer at Sacred Heart for ten years.  He has actually been a soccer coach since 1974, which is 43 years of soccer! Did you know that he can speak lots of languages?  While he was growing up everyone In his home spoke an Italian dialect called, Neapolitan…. Read More

Save the Hawksbill Sea Turtles!

Hawksbill turtles are a species of sea turtles that are critically endangered. Why is this? Because of us. They have a pattern of beautiful scales on their shells that make them very attractive. Because of their colorful shells, people hunt them to sell. Hawksbill Sea Turtles are important because they play a role in our… Read More

Meet Ms. O’Reilly!

” You have practice today, right? You have piano today, right? You have the musical after school, right,” Ms. O’Reilly says as she looks at each of her advisees. Ms. O’Reilly has reached the point where she has memorized our after school schedules.  This is not because she has to, but because she cares. Ms. O’Reilly… Read More

The most beautiful voice…

Sixth grade Tiger Times reporter, Josie Orr, recently interviewed Isabella Stewart, a seventh grade opera singer. Isabella sang “Mary Did You Know” at chapel on the morning of December 16, 2016, the last day of school before Christmas break. JO: When did you start singing? Isabella: I started singing when I was three. JO: What… Read More

World’s most dangerous octopus!

  I’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’ garden in the shade… but not with this one! I love all ocean creatures, but my favorite is the blue-ringed octopus. When I was looking through one of my ocean books, I turned to a page about this octopus. I was so interested in… Read More

A Day in the Life of … a Fifth Grader

“There is more freedom in Middle School,” says Julia Pujadas. “It’s better than Lower School! It’s the BEST!” says Emma Marvin. In fifth grade at Sacred Heart we always start the day with a prayer and announcements.   Some of these announcements tell us things like whether or not we need our computers in math or… Read More

Sixth grade Tiger Times reporter, Claudia el-Masry recently interviewed, Ms. Victoria Raia, the new Director of Dining Services at Sacred Heart. Here’s what they talked about: CE: How do you like being here at Sacred Heart Greenwich? Victoria Raia: I love it here at Sacred Heart. I was looking for a good place to call… Read More

Join Robotics!

This year I started going to the Middle School Robotics club. I was excited about joining ever since the first day of school in September. “What is Robotics?” you may ask. Robotics is a club which meets on Tuesdays after school. During our meetings we create and program robots. We have just completed the Parking… Read More